Ben Utecht to Senate: ‘It Took Losing My Mind to Care About My Mind’

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The Super Bowl winner testified to the US Senate about his concussion history.


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  • Rebecca ham

    I just finished reading your new book and I have to say how deeply I was moved. I grew up watching football during the seventies and eighties in the nineties. I am amazed at how quickly these injuries have devastated lives. As a mother of two sons who are now grown I honestly and concerned about what could possibly happen to them after playing football soccer baseball and sustaining concussions and head injuries. thank you so much 4 sharing your life experiences and doing the work that you’re doing now. thank you and God bless your family.

  • Anne L

    I live in Indy and remember watching you play with the Colts. I just finished reading your book and I appreciate you writing it. I was very intrigued by the connection you made between memory and identity. I have never heard anyone speak about this connection and I find it interesting and want to delve into that idea some more. We as Christians always speak of how our identity is in Christ – and sometimes I have heard that as if to imply that our memory and our past are irrelevant. But what is it like when someone actually starts to lose their memories in such a profound way? How does that actually impact their sense of identity? I want to look at this some more and talk with God about it.

    I am also very grateful and happy to hear of your cognitive improvement. May it continue and may your mind be fully restored!

    I have been wrestling internally for several years with the enjoyment I have in watching football – be it the Colts or my friends grandson – (who loves football and has been playing since 2nd or 3rd grade) – and the knowledge I have of how dangerous the sport really is. Is it right for me to hooping and hollering for people who are putting their bodies and minds and futures at risk in this way? Obviously it is a choice that the players are making. And obviously many do it because they truly love the competition and the sport (and maybe the money).
    I do know there are wonderful benefits mentally, emotionally and spiritually from being part of a team and from the discipline and hard work that kids especially can gain under a good mentor and coach. But I wish there was a way to make the sport less dangerous. I appreciate some of the new rules and the way the referees have cracked down on things like helmet to helmet hits etc. But I think there would need to be more rules in place to truly make football a sport that is reasonably safe for someone to play from elementary school through an NFL career.

    Thanks again for writing the book and for all you are doing to raise awareness. Ditto to what Rebecca above said – God bless you and your family!

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