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I had the honor of speaking to one of Minnesota’s top companies, H.B. Fuller, this week. I was so impressed by the H.B. Fuller team and the successful culture they have created within their company. It was clear to me that the executive team truly values their staffing on every level and makes choices to practice supporting that value repeatedly. It was evident why someone would want to become a part of the H.B. Fuller team if given the opportunity.


H.B. Fuller Ben Utecht The Champion's Way Presentation


My presentation focused on my program The Champion’s Way™, which brings you into the Hall of Fame huddle of the 2007 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. I was able to take H.B. Fuller and their clients on an inside journey to discover how Super Bowl championship culture is created and practiced resulting in an elite environment that results in sustainable success.


The program ended with a session of Q & A, which is always my favorite because it allows me to get into the core values of culture, and also answer fun football questions. For example, it never ceases to occur that my first question almost every time is, “What does ‘Omaha’ mean?” This question is referring to one of Peyton Manning’s specific audible words. The gentleman at the event who asked the question received applause because every NFL fan wants to know the answer to that. I was more than happy to reveal the meaning of “Omaha” for him and the rest of the audience.


H.B. Fuller Ben Utecht The Champion's Way


I believe H.B. Fuller is a fantastic 2018 Super Bowl sponsor and a Champion organization. I look forward to their continued success and all of the support they provide to the great state of Minnesota!


-Ben Utecht

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