Hope Reigns

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I cannot believe my book has finally been released. The past few days of press have been a blur. Starting out in Norfolk, VA to walking into a Barnes and Noble off of 5th Ave in NYC and finding my new book on display has truly been humbling, scary, and exciting all in the same breath. One message of my story that I want to make sure shines though all of the trials and injury is that Hope is always alive! I have been asked many times this week, “How is your mind today?” This is where providence once again takes position in my life and story. The ending of this book is all about hope. I’ll be careful not to give the surprise away because I do want you to read the full story in the book. I will share with you that this past year I spent 100 hours in an intensive cognitive brain training program that focused its attention on strengthening my weakest cognitive abilities of short and long term memory. Before I began the program, my neuro-psych examination results revealed my short and long term memory to be in the 12th and 17th percentile respectively, which honestly was shocking. Strangely though, it gave me peace because it proved that my memory complaints were authentic. What happens next I can only describe as miraculous. My post-training evaluation showed a drastic increase in my short and long term memory abilities. Over the course of sitting across the table from a brain trainer four days a week for an hour and a half at a time, I began to rise up out of a mental fog and feel more clarity then I have in a long time. Even my family began noticing the positive changes. I am so excited for all of you to experience the whole journey with me because the ending is one that will fill you with hope and challenge you to value every moment in your life to its fullest, which will give you a greater purpose!

– Ben

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