I Surrender All: Matthew 16:24-26

“I Surrender All”, the famous last words of Olympian Eric Liddell.  Surrender is a divine paradox of Jesus. What does it mean to Surrender All to the Lord? You won’t find the answer in Webster’s. Take a journey with me on my miracle ride to the NFL through the hands of Tony Dungy and the passes of Peyton Manning. How the Lord used heart breaking, memory-stealing injuries to lead me to a Super Bowl Championship field where God came down and taught me to Surrender All.

Fear Not: 2 Timothy 1:7

I was standing between Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy at Super Bowl XLI when Devon Hester returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown. Immediately my courage wavered and FEAR began to work. Fear cripples the essence of what God created to be powerful, of sound mind, and self-control. The good news, we can overcome it! From a world championship field into a pit with a lion, I will show you how football, faith and the word of God always conquer fear!

Concussions and the Mind of God: Genesis 1:26, Ephesians 4:23

Have you ever thought about how we are made in God’s image and likeness? It is only by the miracle of the mind that we reflect the likeness of Christ. In 2009 my Super Bowl NFL career ended do to my 5th concussion. At 34, I have memory problems that have made me realize how important our brains are in the make up of who we are. Walk withme down memory road as I ask you “How differently would you live your life if you new the day you would loose your memories?” Caring more about your mind = Caring more about your Faith.

You Will Always Be My Girls: 1 Timothy 3:1-7

What does it mean to be a man of Virtue in today’s world? My wife and I just celebrated the birth of our 4th daughter! Yes, I am completely out numbered. As a father of all girls I recognize now more than ever that I am their first example of what being a real man looks like. Will I be the Hero or the villain? Everything about my former career as an NFL football player challenged my character especially in how I treated women. Join me on a vulnerable story through football, pride, marriage, and children to discovering what being a Man Of Virtue looks like.

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