How memory loss due to concussions in the NFL has transformed my life and can transform yours!

In 2009 my NFL Super Bowl Championship career came to an end due to my 5th documented concussion. As my memories began to fade I realized for the first time how important my mind is to the identity of me, and it forever changed my life. How differently would you live your life today if you knew the day you would lose your memory?

Come with me on an emotional journey that will connect you to the importance of your brain, bringing you to a place where you can choose to become better. Realizing the importance of my mind and memories transformed my life in 4 essential areas of success: Listening, Learning, Language, and Love. Improving myself in “The 4 L’s” has made me a better worker, husband, father, and friend because I no longer take for granted that which is the miracle of me… my mind. What will you choose?

Memory Attention = Life Transformation!

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