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What does it take to be a world champion leader on and off the field?

On February 7th 2007, I stepped onto the Super Bowl field and into a Hall of Fame huddle with my teammates, including Peyton Manning and our head coach Tony Dungy. We became a world-class offense by creating a culture of champion leadership and dynamic communication. This culture was fueled by four foundational principles that together allowed each playerto reach his greatest potential for the benefit of the team in a highly stressful and competitive environment.

After football, I began to realize these championship principles were the backbone for off-the-field success as well. “The 4 Ls,” Listening, Learning, Language, and Love, are foundational in both life and business.  The culture our team created around these principles earned us the greatest reward in the game of football, a Super Bowl championship.  Like the 2006 Colts, you too can realize your greatest success potential, in life and business, through the application of “The 4 Ls.”

Program highlights:

  • Step into the huddle and discover the steps to championship listening.
    • Stop – put others first
    • Look – pursue information
    • Care – choose empathy
  • Walk through a day in the life of a Super Bowl contender and discover the keys of championship learning.
    • Questions – pursue clarity
    • Execution – purposeful application
    • Evaluation – intentional accountability leading to growth and development
  • Listen in to the most intricate offense and audible system in NFL history to discover the facets of championship language.
    • Content – what are you saying?
    • Purpose – why are you saying it?
    • Delivery – how are you saying it?
  • Join the team and discover how championship love can propel you to new heights of success.
    • Value – hold precious what makes us human
    • Trust – empowerment of others
    • Affirmation – outward, intentional validation
  • Engage with Ben in an honest question and answer time in which he will field any question and answer authentically.
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