The MVP Program

Every moment matters, and it starts with your mind!

Ben Utecht will take your audience on an emotional journey through the valleys of injury to the heights of a championship. The MVP Program will inspire them to find the value in every moment and discover a renewed sense of purpose.

Program Highlights


Discover with Ben that our mind and memories are the keys to overcoming difficult and uncertain circumstances while discovering our identity.


Using that knowledge, begin to see and experience every moment with greater value.


Walk away with a renewed purpose!


Get a once-in-a-lifetime player perspective on the game of football and engage with Ben in an honest question and answer time in which he will field any question and answer authentically.

Ben Utecht

I had dreamed of playing in the NFL since I was a little boy and was extremely blessed to have realized that dream in 2004. But after 6 seasons and a Super Bowl championship with the 2006 Indianapolis Colts, I chose to walk away for the sake of my family and my mind. Multiple injuries, concussions, and memory loss from playing the game I love are all a part of my story, but they have set me on a noble path filled with hope, healing, and strength.


After football, I’ve set out to connect people to the value they can discover in every moment, even in the most difficult circumstances.


In my MVP Program, you’ll hear stories about my family, my friends, and my football career. My hope is that you’ll discover a renewed purpose for living!


– Ben Utecht

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