Vizient – The Champion’s Way

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One industry that has incredible crossover to the professional sports model is healthcare. Both have high-stress environments which are led by elite professionals who are gifted in very specific ways that impact the bottom line. Most powerful of all similarities, though, is the importance for both industries to build and sustain a high-functioning and efficient team.

I have the honor this fall of working with Vizient, a fantastic healthcare association that provides tools to their members that empower them to produce specialized and affordable care. Vizient cares greatly about the team success of their members because they know that having strong and healthy teams equals winning, most importantly for the patient.

Sharing my presentation, The Champion’s Way, provides a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on what the Super Bowl team building blueprint actually looks like, and more importantly, how it is practiced. I believe the crossover truths can provide much needed insight into how to build a winning team that listens, learns, communicates, and respects each other deeply, creating a family environment that produces trust and unity. If an organization can accomplish that, then watch out, because they will be very difficult to beat.


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