What is Extreme Ownership?

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I recently heard this phrase through the lens of elite Navy SEALs training. The idea is that you have the responsibility to take responsibility for absolutely every aspect of your daily life. When you hold yourself to that level of accountability, reaching your potential in every area of life becomes more attainable.

My experience in the NFL taught me a similar lesson. Your body becomes your business and your performance on film becomes your resume. That is an absolute truth that cannot be denied. If approached correctly, you can use that truth to empower you to take extreme ownership over every ounce of your business and life. There is one powerful element to consider, have you defined clearly what it means to win? If you are part of a team and you asked every member, “what does it mean to win in this organization?” would your team be unified in that answer? I would argue that if you can define what it means to win in your organization on multiple levels then you will have unified your team around a constant belief system of winning. That will spark the positive form of engagement that you and your team members need to have in place in order to achieve extreme ownership.

I experienced that level of clarity on winning when I was playing with the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. Every aspect of the practices and games had clearly defined expectations on what it meant to win in every and any situation that can occur on the field. That allowed us to be unified in our beliefs around winning and enabled us to take extreme ownership over every part of our athletic career. This level of ownership improved individual and team performance leading to world championship success. We are all capable of taking total responsibility and becoming the Champions we were created to be.

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