Motivational lessons from my life as an NFL player, father and advocate paving the way for dynamic success in business and life.
Join me on a journey of discovering your potential in faith.

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How memory loss due to concussions in the NFL has transformed my life and can transform yours!


Creating a Hall Of Fame culture of Communication.


Surrender, fear, memory, and virtue are pieces in an inspirational puzzle that connect us all. Join me on a journey of discovering your potential in faith.

What clients are saying

  • “Ben took the time to familiarize himself with the profile of our graduating class, and even mentioned a few of them by name during his speech. He personalized his message to his young audience, building on his athletic and other life experiences, his faith in God, and his love for family. We’re inviting him back for other opportunities to speak to both our student athletes and our general student population.”

    Dr. Tom Ries
    Dr. Tom RiesPresident, Concordia University
  • “Not only is Ben dynamic and engaging, his personal story resonates with others and increases awareness on the needs to support research to help brain injury patients, especially those with sports concussion. Ben was a natural choice to receive the 2014 Public Leadership in Neurology Award from the American Academy of Neurology and our foundation, the American Brain Foundation.”

    Catherine M. Rydell
    Catherine M. RydellCAE, Executive Director/CEO, American Academy of Neurology and American Brain Foundation
  • “Ben Utecht is a remarkable example of someone who has turned a tragedy into a life-affirming effort to educate the public, especially parents and young athletes, about the potential serious consequences of sports concussion and other head injuries.”

    Timothy A. PedleyMD, FAAN, President, American Academy of Neurology

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